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  1. paul f brown

    my initial has been wrong since 1965.i am sg70895brown pf.i am also the best recruit of 127 pl.i am still very very proud of the qorOF c

  2. Regimental Curator


    We are trying to update the Timelines on our Regimental Museum website with all deployments of QOR soldiers on operation or exercise outside of Canada EXCEPT reg force battalion deployments to Germany and Cyprus; training in the US; or deployments to Afghanistan up to 2011 (we WOULD like to include completed post 2011 deployments to Afghanistan or operational postings to the US.)

    You can send information by email to

    We are looking for the following information:
    – Name and rank at time of deployment (if you would prefer not to have your name on the website, please include it for our records but note this and we will only include rank (e.g. “Corporal deployed to X for operation Y” etc.
    – Operation/exercise name, location and purpose (in a few words only)
    – Dates of departure and return – preferably day, month, year or at least month, year.
    – Names/number of other QOR who participated – or in the case of a larger group, perhaps a more general description such as “platoon sized group” or something similar.
    – Any commendations or special recognition awarded
    – Any other info you think worth noting (briefly smile emoticon )

    Thanks in advance for your help and please share with anyone you think may have a contribution to provide to us!!


    P.S. To be clear in case it sounded like we didn’t care, we already include info on Germany, Cyprus and Afghanistan up to 2011. We may collect US training deployments in the future.

  3. Wayne Thomas

    Congratulations on getting your site organized. Good job- Looks Great. A reminder to all interested QOR members of the Celebrations taking place in Gander and Botwood August 7th-9th celebrating 75 Anniversary of QOR in NL in 1940. Check out the details at Come join the fun. General Rick Hillier Guest Speaker. See you there !!

  4. bill elsdon

    received the new QOR book great read goes back a fair way but you can pick and choose what one reads

  5. bill elsdon

    just ordered new Queens Own book prior to end oct don’t know when get here but might be a good read

  6. Gary Casey

    I ran into Gilles Pharand while camping this summer and we had a great talk about the regiment and I am very interested in joining your group. I served in 1 QOR of C in Victoria from 1967 until we rebadged in 1970.

  7. Gilles Pharand

    Well done very nice site. I will send you a copy of my Power Point portion of the kit shop to include on the web site.


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